President Trump, Do NOT Let The Liberals Do It To Scott Pruitt

Scott Pruitt has been doing his job, exactly as he has been asked… most notably, helping to deconstruction many of the regulations that are often times useless and strangling to progress.

This has caused the Left to demonize him, in a sense. They are going after him, they want him gone and they’re using every dirty Deep State tactic in the book! And it’s not so much of the job he’s doing… I would say it’s more about the fact that Trump backs him, and that’s always enough for the Deep State.

As Written and Reported By David Limbaugh for Townhall:

The left’s crusade against Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt should be seen for what it is — a witch hunt. We don’t need any more conservatives hanged by leftists who major in criminalizing political differences and minor in slander.

How dare a Republican president to appoint an environmental heretic to head an administrative agency the left views as its sole, separate and absolute property? This agency exists to serve the deep state — the entrenched federal government bureaucracy that is tailor-made to advance the left’s agenda and operate above accountability.

This conspiratorially organized assault against Pruitt is precisely what Barack Obama and his friends mean by community organizing. It is vicious, relentless street fighting aimed at discrediting Pruitt and taking him down because he is one of the rare administrative officials who won’t put politics above the law and will stand up to those who do.

The left — always projecting its own malicious practices onto its political opponents — is framing this as its benign campaign to protect the rule of law. Leftists claim that it is Pruitt, appointed by Dr. Donald Evil himself, who is imposing his political agenda. These Alinskyites understand the impact of words and the force of propaganda. Anyone who doesn’t swallow whole their radical assumptions……


LIMBAUGH: Don’t Let The Left Do It to Pruitt | Daily Wire


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