President Trump had a “lengthy conversation” over the weekend with a key witness in the case against Flynn

The headline reads that a key witness in the Michael Flynn investigation has a long talk with President Trump this weekend. That is what the lead from the Daily Caller says. Upon reading this you would immediately assume that the President was meddling in the investigation being run by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Apparently, the Daily Caller knew who was invited. That most likely means that it was not a secret meeting where the President could grill former CIA Director James Woolsey and maybe even obstruct some justice. Is that what you read? I think that I will wait for a little bit more data before I say that there is something to see here.

As Written by Chuck Ross for the Daily Caller:

President Trump had a “lengthy conversation” over the weekend with a key witness in the case against former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

Politico reported on Monday that former CIA Director James Woolsey, a former business associate of Flynn’s, attended a dinner at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort over the weekend. He was invited by Chris Ruddy, a Trump confidante and publisher of Newsmax.

The encounter has raised eyebrows because of Woolsey’s involvement as a witness in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s case against Flynn, a retired lieutenant general who was fired from his White House gig on Feb. 13.

Mueller is reportedly looking into Flynn’s consulting work for the Turkish government last year, when he served as an adviser to the Trump campaign. Woolsey began advising the Trump campaign in September but abruptly left the Trump transition team in early January.

Flynn’s consulting firm, Flynn Intel Group, signed a $600,000 contract in Aug. 2016 with a Turkish businessman to investigate Islamic cleric Fethullah Gulen.

The Turkish government has accused Gulen of masterminding a failed…..


Trump Met With Key Witness In Case Against Fl | The Daily Caller

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