President Trump Has Mueller at a Distinct Disadvantage [Video]

[VIDEO] On FOX News Alan Dershowitz explains why President Donald Trump has Mueller right where he wants him. Mr. Dershowitz makes the case as to why President Trump should leave Special Counsel Robert Mueller in his job and not fire him. Also in the video is a remark about President Obama’s interference in the Hezbollah drug cartel investigation. Watch it now.

As Written and Reported By Allahpundit for Hot Air:

A leftover from yesterday as the news cycle begins to grind to a halt for Christmas. I think this is closer to true than it is to false, although Mueller doesn’t strike me as the sort of guy who’ll cut Trump a break just because his team’s impartiality has taken some hits lately. Yes, he’s worried enough about public perception that he’d send Peter Strzok packing from the Russiagate probe over his texts with Lisa Page. But after many months of investigating the president, with the eyes of the world upon him, does Dershowitz really think law-and-order Bob Mueller would table an obstruction indictment against the president if it’s a “close call” just because he fears appearing “biased”? I give him more credit than that.

Still, Dershowitz is right in this sense: How would firing Mueller help Trump at this point? We went over this the other day. If Mueller goes, a new special counsel (or a career prosecutor at the DOJ) will take over the investigation. If the replacement turns around and indicts Trump, now Trump’s really screwed. He ousted Mueller in favor of someone supposedly less partial, only to have the new impartial prosecutor validate Mueller’s investigation. If instead the replacement turns around and shuts down the probe or clears the president, the entire Democratic Party and a heaping helping of independents will screech that Mueller would have indicted Trump and the president is now skating free only because he interfered with the investigation by making it possible for a crony to take over. Whichever outcome it is, Trump will look less legitimate than he would have if he’d just played out the string with Mueller and waited for a verdict. If Mueller clears him, it’s a grand slam, total vindication by a respected prosecutor whom even Democrats support. There’s no such option once Mueller is gone, period…..


Alan Dershowitz: Trump has Mueller right where he wants him – Hot Air Hot Air


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