President Trump Is Still Keeping His Promises

I there is one thing that President Trump has promised more than once, he intends to make sure that it is always “America First.” This is not good news if you are China and have been enjoying an enormous trade surplus with the United States for far too long a period. 

Now the President has decided on his tariff plan that will engage the Chinese excesses. His staff had presented the President a plan that was worth $30 Billion in tariffs for the United States. Would you believe that the President doubled that amount? Have you ant idea how many different products that covers? Here is the President’s rationale:

As Written and Reported By Christian Datoc for the Daily Caller:

President Donald Trump will announce Friday a host of new tariffs on Chinese imports, a Monday report from The Washington Post claims.

Trump’s China-specific plan, totaling an estimated $60 billion annually, goes far beyond the $30 billion plan White House staffers presented to POTUS last week and would allegedly make good on his “America First” campaign promises.

Four administration officials confirmed to WaPo the tariffs will be applied to more than 100 products the president argues were developed “by using trade secrets the Chinese stole from U.S. companies or forced them to hand over in exchange for market access.”

It is yet to be seen how the media and lawmakers will react to Trump’s new plan, considering the bipartisan backlash his recently-instituted tariffs on steel and aluminum imports garnered.

Larry Kudlow, the president’s new National Economic Council director, has openly stated his opposition to the prior set of tariffs, yet has urged Trump to take a “tough” economic stance on China.

Additionally, House Speaker Paul Ryan, Senate……


Trump Prepping $60 Billion New China Tariffs | The Daily Caller


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