President Trump Let’s Out the ‘London Boy’ to Hit Lazy Liberal Media

Sebastian Gorka is becoming President Donald Trump’s go-to guy when it comes to dealing with issues and the liberal media. A man of commanding presence and great intellect, he is well suited for his assignments. He is well qualified for the position as this article will show you. He was surprised, however, of the vituperation that is leveled at the Trump administration. Read all this in a great article.

As Written By Toby Harnden for Real Clear Politics:

The Briton who counts most in the eyes of President Donald Trump is not Theresa May, even if she was the first foreign leader he invited to the White House. It is not Nigel Farage, welcome though the former Ukip boss is whenever he passes through Washington or New York.

That accolade goes to Sebastian Gorka, deputy assistant to the president, whose booming baritone can often be heard not just in the West Wing, but on TV and radio as he gives no quarter to Trump’s media detractors, denouncing his critics as irredeemably biased purveyors of “fake news”.

A naturalised American, Gorka, 46, was born in west London and maintains his British citizenship as well as that of Hungary, where his father was once imprisoned and tortured by the Communists after a courier smuggling coded reports to the West was betrayed by the MI6 double agent Kim Philby and gave up his name under duress.

Gorka is often the public face of the Trump administration, arguing the president’s case with a bravado that has delighted the commander-in-chief, a connoisseur of cable television who consumes news more voraciously than perhaps any previous president, even as he condemns much of it.

An imposing 6ft 3in hulk of a man with a neatly trimmed beard, Gorka delights in being part of a new breed of “alpha males” who have grasped the reins of government after what he views as the effeteness of the Obama years.

All this has made Gorka increasingly influential in the White House, while painting a large target on his back. He has been assailed from all directions, accused of being everything from an anti-semite with Nazi links to mentally unstable and a fraud who conned his way into the US government by fabricating his academic credentials.

“If you look at what I’ve been hit with over the past week, it’s hard to know where to even begin,” says Gorka as he slumps into a leather armchair.

We are in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, in one of the rooms that make up, he points out approvingly, the Secretary of War suites. On the wall opposite is a portrait of George Washington. A Civil War cannonball rests on the mantelpiece.

“It’s a falsely generated media miasma, which is politically driven,” Gorka laments. “It’s lazy journalism. I’ve never worked at this rarefied strategic level before, and I tell you, the scales have fallen off my eyes.

“I come in every morning and I’m looking for stories of things where I was in the discussion the day before. And the representation in prestigious organs is at least 8 out of 10 times wholly not what actually happened.

“The fake news phenomenon is a problem, but not on the conservative side. It’s a problem in mainstream left-wing media.” This was the message he delivered forcefully to Newsnight’s Evan Davis, who was left spluttering when his thinly……


Trump Unleashes London Boy to Hit Liberal Media | RealClearPolitics



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