President Trump Wants to Spread Out The Swamp?

We are all familiar with the Trump campaign promise to Drain the Swamp, but what is this new idea to Spread the Swamp? Where did this Outside-The-Box thinking come from? Just what would be accomplished of some of the agencies of the government were located to other places in the United States? 

I do not think that we are considering moving the Pentagon to Atlanta or the Environmental Protection Agency to California, but there are some things that would be a great idea. What would you move where? Is that being considered?

As Written By Evan Halper for the LA Times:

mid the talk of draining swamps, restoring political might to blue-collar America and turning off the spigot of taxpayer cash that showers Washington, a familiar battle cry is ricocheting through this city: Move the bureaucrats out.

It has the ring of a Trumpian fantasy. Dislodge arms of the federal government from Washington and reattach them in faraway places, spreading the wealth generated by these well-paid agency workforces and forcing senior bureaucrats to face the people they affect.

But the idea has established populist roots that spread across party lines, and they are reemerging at this unique political moment.

The swaggering Interior secretary from Montana is putting the finishing touches on his plan to move the headquarters of three large public lands agencies to the West. The Stanford economist representing Silicon Valley in Congress sees opportunity to strategically seed regions of the country with pieces of the federal bureaucracy that can benefit them — and that they can benefit. The unlikely prospect of locating the Department of Transportation in Los Angeles is dangled by Republicans eager to show this crusade has bipartisan cred.

There hasn’t been so much buzz about getting ……


Spread the swamp? Trump administration wants to move government offices out of Washington – LA Times

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