President Trump Year One vs. Barack Obama’s Eight Years

It does not take a rocket scientist to measure the difference in accomplishments between President Obama and President Trump. Just to be fair to the former President you can look at what he has done in 8 years. Then take a look at what President Trump has already done for the country in 1 year. This will not be reported by the newtworks, will it?

As Written and Reported by Jack Hellner for the American Thinker:

Here are President Obama’s main accomplishments over eight years:

–Obamacare: This 2,000-plus page law with more than 10,000 pages of regulations and over 20 new taxes has not increased life expectancy but has taken away freedom of choice on what type of insurance everyone has to buy with greatly increased costs and deductibles.

–The Iran Deal: This took the country which is a top sponsor of terrorism and lifted its regime up with more power and money. It did not make the world or the U.S safer and stronger.

–The Paris Climate Accord: This transferred a massive amount of money and power from the U.S. private sector to its government and in turn transferred money from the U.S. to other countries. The policy is based on the belief that climate change/global warming exists and is the greatest threat to the world. So does Iran sponsor terrorists because of climate change? Does North Korea build nuclear weapons because of climate change? Does Russia take over more territory because of climate change? Do refugees from Syria and other countries escape because of climate change? CO2 is a clear, innocuous, non-polluting gas that allows plants to thrive and the billions of people to be fed. The reason Obama and other people want to regulate it is to have government control. But this accord certainly did not have its goal to make the U.S. stronger.

—- Regulatory avalanche: Obama added tens of thousands of regulations and burdens to businesses and individuals as fast as he could. This certainly helped empower and enrich the D.C. suburbs but not the rest of us……..


Trump’s First Year vs. Obama’s Eight Years

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