President Trump’s Bluff on Comey Was a Brilliant Move But ….. 

I have been speculating on the idea that President Donald Trump may be playing a hand or two in some of this. He’s obviously a brilliant and successful businessman and has no doubt heard and seen it all when it comes to bull-tactics and even with his limited time in politics he seems to be able to call them like he sees them.

And now it seems there is plenty of speculation around just that… a cool and calm hand was dealt and perhaps, just perhaps, Comey did, in fact, take the bait. And since then Comey has been rather revealing in what he knows and what he has done. He’s admitted that they had enough to press charges on Hillary, that he leaked intel, and among the many other things that there was not an investigation into the President, himself.

As Written By Sandy Fitzgerald for Newsmax:

President Donald Trump’s “bluff” over tapes of himself and James Comey was a purposely legal move to let the former FBI director know he had to be “very, very careful” about how he would testify, Alan Dershowitz said Friday.

The Harvard Law School professor emeritus said it’s a maneuver he’s pulled himself.

“I had a policeman on the witness stand lying about what he told my client,” Dershowitz told Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” program. “I led him to believe I had a tape recording of it by reading from a transcript that seemed to be of a tape, that was actually a transcript of what my client told me he remembered. He changed his testimony, told the truth, we won the case.”

Show anchor Bill Hemmer called Dershowitz’s act “entrapment,” but the professor replied that it was “entrapment to the interest of justice,” just as Trump’s bluff was……


Dershowitz: Trump’s ‘Bluff’ on Comey Tapes a Legitimate Legal Move

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