President Trump’s Infrastructure Security Council Gives Ominous Warning

Not much attention has been paid to the National Infrastructure Advisory Council (NIAC) until this past week when members resigned because of not liking the President’s Charlottesville remarks. It is a sad state of affairs when members of an important committee of the National Security Council put politics ahead of responsibility. What is even worse is the fact that these resignations detracted from a very important report that was just completed. The subject is critical infrastructure and cyber security. You each have a personal interest in this report. In the report, there are some ominous warnings for things like electrical power grids and water supplies. If their premise is to be believed, we are on the edge of seeing and event that will eclipse the effects of 911 on the nation. The problem can be fixed, but when?

As Written By Steve King for Lifezette: 

Member resignations distract from these troubling findings of infrastructure security team.

The National Infrastructure Advisory Council (NIAC) is a task force the National Security Council commissioned to review and evaluate a long list of ways the federal government determines how to secure critical infrastructure — such as dams, bridges, power grids, and airports — against targeted cyberattacks.

The advisory council garnered headlines this week from the media for joining other councils in having members resign after several weeks of controversy dogged the White House. Less covered and of more importance to the nation was the first report the council issued this week — which generated little attention.

The report calls for the Trump administration to decisively act on a set of bold cybersecurity measures they claim must be put in place immediately in order to avoid a 9/11-class cyberattack.

They have assessed our national risk and have declared it real, present and high……..


Trump Advisory Council Warns of ‘9/11-Level Cyberattack’ | LifeZette

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