President Trump’s Next Move On ‘The Memo’ [Video]

[VIDEO] Contray to earlier speculation, President Trump does have a next move in the House Intelligence Committee FISA Court memo. This little four-page memo seems to have grown to gigantic importance in national security. It appears that the President has first right of refusal in whether or not the memo sees the light of day. 

As Written and Repored By Saagar Enjeti for the Daily Caller:

President Donald Trump will consider the national security implications of releasing a currently classified memo compiled by Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee, assuming they vote to de-classify it in the coming weeks, White House deputy press secretary Raj Shah told CNN Monday.

House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes assembled the memo with fellow Intel committee members and staff based on classified information turned over by the FBI and the DOJ. The document allegedly contains proof that some of the top officials in the Obama-era national security establishment abused their authority to obtain surveillance warrants on members of President Trump’s campaign.

“The House of Representatives may vote out for release this memo and then it goes in the president’s hands and he has the ability to object to it,” Shah explained, adding “if that happens, we’re going to have a whole national security review and look at this document and then make a determination. the president will make a determination.”

The deputy press secretary continued that “it could send a……


Here’s Trump’s Next Move On The Mem | The Daily Caller

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