President Trump’s ‘Unstoppable Momentum’ Despite The Media Spin

Despite all the derision that arises from the media’s daily coverage, President Donald Trump is still building momentum for his agenda. The media would have you believe that the President is a 9 to 5 worker when he is not on the golf course. That is patently a false portrait being painted by the fake news media.

While the media is off running down the road barking at his latest tweet, the President is up before dawn and working well past midnight. Quietly, he is getting things accomplished that never meet the light of day. His staff is amazed at his energy and work ethic. read all this about him.

As Written By Paul Bedard for the Washington Examiner:

Nearly a year into the Trump presidency, top aides and allies feel good about their direction and achievements, crediting the president’s “stamina” and “100 percent energy” to fight past critics, especially the media.

“If media coverage was fair, unbiased, down the the middle, there would be 100 stories about the unstoppable momentum and energy of the Oval Office,” said senior adviser Stephen Miller.

“The critics did the very same thing with Ronald Reagan,” added Christopher Ruddy, the president of Newsmax and a Trump ally. “And Donald Trump is 100 times more engaged than Ronald Reagan.”

Allies have felt the need to push back on stories suggesting that Trump is a part-time president, even though the media has documented his 6 a.m. tweets and 1 a.m. phone calls to aides.

For example, instead of noting that he took no time off after an arduous 12-day trip to Asia and delivered a report card live to public, the media poked fun at his fumbling for a water bottle during the speech. And his ex-wife Ivana fanned the flames when she said, “I think he must be freaking exhausted. I would be …..


Trump insiders claim ‘unstoppable momentum’ despite media ‘derision’

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