Press Secretary Sarah Sanders Deals ‘Knock Out’ Blow to CNN Reporter [Video]

Once more President Trump’s Press Secretary, Sarah Sanders, puts the big one down on Jim Acosta from CNN. Big Jim, as usual, was framing questions to put the worst possible light on the President and the President’s agenda. 

The subject turns out to be what the President thinks needs to be done about the abuse of the FISA Court.This is the court that seems to have been misled by the FBI and the Steele dossier to investigate the Trump campaign.

In this exchange, Big Jim tries to may it seem like President Trump is being controlled by what he views on FOX News. Personally, I do not see that as a bad thing. That was not what Acosta was driving at and Sarah handled him without the kid gloves. Watch this and see if you laugh out loud.

As Written and Reported By Benny Johnson for the Daily Caller:

Sarah Sanders took the podium at the White House Thursday afternoon to answer questions, but ended up delivering a knockout blow to CNN’s Jim Acosta.

The White House press secretary took questions on the reauthorization of the FISA court, the imminent immigration bill, DACA and the Russia probe by the FBI.

However, Acosta was more interested in asking about the president’s cable news diet. Acosta asked Sanders about Trump watching Fox & Friends in the morning and tweeting about the subjects the show was covering.

Acosta asked if the habit was something that was “going on.”

The president watches something on “Fox & Friends” and then tweets about it… There have been folks out there who have said there’s a cause and effect. He watches something on “Fox & Friends” and then tweets about it. Did that happen this morning and does that go on?

Sanders responded with fire and fury………


Sarah Sanders Just Burned CNN For Low Ratings | The Daily Caller

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