Press Secretary Sean Spicer RIPS CNN a New One

President Trump’s Press Secretary, Sean Spicer is not afraid to call out CNN for the latest fake news hit piece that they just released. Supposedly, somewhere, someone who knows someone in the FBI was told about and might have alluded to the non-fact that Trump associates could have possibly colluded with Russians somewhere to somehow defeat Hillary. Did you follow all that? CNN thinks it makes enough sense to headline it. Fake News! Just like they have been called.

As Written By Todd Beamon for Newsmax:

White House press secretary Sean Spicer Thursday slammed a CNN report Wednesday that cited unnamed sources in disclosing FBI had information Trump associates might have communicated with Russia about releasing damaging information on Democrat Hillary Clinton during last year’s election.

“The way that the term ‘associates’ is thrown around, I don’t understand what you mean,” Spicer told CNN politics reporter Sara Murray at the daily White House press briefing.

“When you use the term ‘associates’ — and you use all these subjective terms — there’s a reason you’re doing it, which is because you don’t have anything concrete.

“When you do, come back and ask me: ‘Is it anyone in the White House? Anyone in the transition?’

“But when you throw out a vague term like that, it’s a catch-all,” Spicer…..


Spicer Rips CNN’s ‘Nebulous’ Report Using Unnamed Sources



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