Professor Makes Despicable Comparison In His Global Warming Narrative

This Ohio professor had to walk back his words after claiming that global warming was worse than war. Dr. Austin Babrow is a professor in the School of Communication Studies at Ohio University. He is a proponent of the global warming theory. He may have overstated his case, however.

After making that statement to one of his classes, he experienced a bit of pushback. It was so much pushback that he had to walk his statement back. The very next day he published a note to his students trying to explain his thought process. He still refers to war because of warming, but tries to justify his statement. Regardless you must give some kudos to the students that called him on it. 

As Written by Phalen Kuckuck for the Washington Examiner:

A professor in the School of Communication Studies at Ohio University recently told a class that “global warming is worse than war.” After students confronted Dr. Austin Babrow with concerns regarding his statement, he quickly walked his comments back.

Babrow, who holds a Ph.D. in speech communication, specializes in environmental communication according to his campus biography. It’s noted that “he has become active in the local and national movement to limit climate disruption (e.g., advocating for sustainable energy, working to limit high pressure slickwater fracking).”

In a document sent to students after making the controversial statement, Babrow clarified his remarks, calling it a “teachable moment” and inviting students to chat with him over coffee. In addition, he largely walked back the claim as an absolute and added many qualifiers.

“What I was trying to say yesterday is that climate change is potentially quite a bit worse than war,” Babrow explained in his note to students, obtained by the Washington Examiner……….


Ohio professor claims ‘global warming is worse than war’

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