Putin is ‘up to something’ Says Former UN Ambassador

Bill Richardson said he thinks the Kremlin may have overextended in Syria. What do you think? Do you agree with the former Ambassador? It makes you wonder what Vladmir Putin has going on in that head of his. Whatever it is, it’s probably similar to what Richardson has said here.

Putin Threatens Israel

As Written By Jessie Hellman, The Hill:

Russian President Vladimir Putin pulled his military out of Syria for economic reasons, former U.N. ambassador Bill Richardson said during an interview with John Catsimatidis Sunday.

“I think he’s up to something again,” Richardson said. “It could be Syria is a big burden on Russia … The Russian economy is in trouble. I think he may feel overextended.”

Earlier this week Putin unexpectedly announced that Moscow’s objectives in the country had been “generally accomplished” and Russia would begin withdrawing from Syria.

Full Story Continues Here:

Former UN ambassador: Putin is ‘up to something’ | TheHill

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