Rand Paul and the first sit-down interview since the attack [Video]

Aftre Kentucky Senator Rand Paul was savagely blindsided and attacked by a neighbor, there was a lot of speculation about the attack and the reasons for it. Rand Paul’s wife said that he was attacked twice: Once in the yard and secondly by the media who seemed to delight in it. As a matter of fact, one reporter actually said as much. Here is the conversation as it went.

As Written By Dr. Marc Siegel for Fox News:

Ever since Republican Sen. Rand Paul said he was blindsided and seriously injured by his neighbor while mowing the lawn of his home in Kentucky on Nov. 3, media speculation has abounded as to what sparked the attack. Some of it has been quite nasty.

Paul’s neighbor, Rene Boucher, has been charged with misdemeanor assault and has pleaded not guilty.

Some speculated as to whether this was a Hatfield-McCoy type feud over landscaping. Other motivations were speculated about as well.

I sat down with the senator at his office in Washington this week for his first exclusive interview since being attacked. I gave him a chance to set the record straight about what happened, why it happened and how he is recovering.

The purpose of my visit to Paul’s office was not to superimpose any of my own impressions or conceptions, but to obtain his. That’s what reporting is all about.

Nevertheless, I couldn’t help but notice that the senator – who is also a physician – did not in any way draw attention to his obvious pain, discomfort or injury. He is tough and does not want sympathy.

What Paul did emphasize was the detail of what it takes to overcome an injury like the one he suffered. He also showed me a dexterity of thinking that enables him to range from discussing a complex injury as a doctor to discussing taxes as a senator.

When it came to the attack itself, I had the sense that he was searching for a way to make sense of another person’s anger and to counter it with the cordiality and friendship he ……..


Dr. Marc Siegel: What Rand Paul’s candid interview about his attack can teach us | Fox News

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