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Though the liberal media seems bent on providing aid and comfort to the enemy, it must be our task to understand our warrior’s sacrifice, to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, and most importantly, live inspired by their example.

The soul of The Lone Survivor: The warrior ethos for all of us | Communities Digital News.


For those who contribute marginally to the economy, and therefore receive marginal income, a sound economic decision is to work less or not at all, and let the taxpayers pay the bills for you, especially if the government encourages it.  From the standpoint of the contributors though, this becomes very difficult.

Taxed Enough Already – The CBO report and the work force | Communities Digital News.


President Obama and the legacy media are latching onto that 1 percent drop, failing to mention the number of workers who have stopped looking for work altogether

Reality check: Obamacare is killing jobs and disincentivizing work | Communities Digital News.


3 simple economic indicators show how Reagan’s first 5 years trounces Obama’s.

Reagan Trounces Obama In 3 Simple Steps | Communities Digital News.


Therefore, his statements have influence. Sadly, Biden’s influence seems to be at its zenith with the troubled, weak-minded, self-destructive, and homicidal.

Jill (Biden) get your gun: The bad advice of left leaning Vice Presidents | Communities Digital News.




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