Rear Admiral John Kirby to step down as chief Pentagon spokesman a civilian to replace him!

Rear Adm. John Kirby, who has been the press secretary of the Pentagon for the past year, will step down and be replaced by a civilian in the first personnel move made by Ashton Carter, who started his job as Defense secretary this week.

Mr. Carter would prefer to have a civilian speak to the press on a daily basis, administrative officials told The New York Times, which first broke the news. Adm. Kirby was told he’d be replaced with Mr. Carter’s new pick for the job a few weeks ago.

Adm. Kirby will stay on to help with the transition. His successor has yet to be named. 

Adm. Kirby confirmed the move Wednesday during a Pentagon briefing.


John Kirby to step down as chief Pentagon spokesman – Washington Times.

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