Remember What Obama Administration’s Department of Defense Did For The NFL?

Apparently, if you want the NFL to be patriotic, you must pay the NFL and the clubs millions and millions of dollars to behave that way. That is what the Obama administration’s Department of Defense did starting back in 2009. Remember all those beautiful and heartfelt tributes that football teams put on during a game? They were bought and paid for by you, the taxpayer. I guess that President Trump must have stopped the payments or something. You may also want to do some research into the tax-exempt status of the National Football League office. Not the teams or clubs, just the NFL office.

Trump is right.

As Written By Timothy Mead for Townhall:

President Donald J. Trump doubled down his rhetoric against National Football League (NFL) players who refuse to stand for the national anthem on Sunday morning, but fans should be reminded the NFL’s patriotism is relatively new in the league.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell claims that the “NFL and players are at our best when we help create a sense of unity in our country and our culture” but their weekly show of support towards members of the American military began only after NFL owners realized they could make money off it.

In 2009, Barack Obama’s Department of Defense began paying hundreds of thousands towards teams in a marketing strategy designed to show support for the troops and increase recruitments. The NFL then required all players and personnel to be on the sidelines during the national anthem, in exchange for taxpayers dollars. Prior, the national anthem was played in the stadium but players had the option of staying in the locker room before heading out to the field.

Furthermore, teams that showed “Veteran’s Salutes” during games were paid upwards of $5.1 million dollars.

The NFL has shown degrees of patriotism at different times such as after 9/11, but as …….


Reminder: Obama Paid the NFL Millions to Be Patriotic – Timothy Meads

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