Rep Allen West has stood up to the elitists and so must we.

“LITERALLY UNBELIEVABLE” is when your brain understands what you’re seeing, but cannot accept it. To watch an illegitimate Marxist make promises of providing liberty from tyrannical means while witnessing truly corrupt officials on both sides applauding or condoning the outright lies in the SOTU speech is more outrageous than Orwell’s “1984,” “Atlas Shrugged” and “Road to Serfdom” combined because those USED to be just prophecies. REALITY: We have a mere NINE MONTHS to save our country.

Allen West has stood up to the elitists and so must we. PLEASE prepare your hearts and minds to join the fight to preserve the freedom for which past generations fought and died to defend. We must educate our peers and expose our enemies if we are to defeat this threat to our Constitution and our families.

ALLEN WEST WILL LAUNCH on Tuesday, February 7. Using a simple rating system and some high tech tools, we are going to condense our already incredible news feed and discussions to printable and digital formats so that the FACTS and opportunities to take ACTION may be shared easily with our fellow Americans.

The site will be easy to use and unique in that anyone can freely access the most relevant information on the topics that interest them to support their “Case for Conservatism.” We will of course serve as a complete repository for Allen West info, and spotlight conservative causes as well as feature national writers, speakers and sister organizations.

2012 is going to be a war of disinformation like we have NEVER seen. We MUST move beyond isolated discussions and reach our communities! Allen West has publicly called upon conservatives to arm ourselves with information and get into the fray in our taverns, churches, schools and newspapers. will be an “armory” of information to use in following his lead. If YOU are committed to serving on the front lines, chances are we can use your talents. Please contact Tanya Grimsley orJohn Swetland or you may leave a comment here on this post, to see how you can contribute. Much more info coming soon! Please spread the word, rally your troops and may God be with us.

Adam Wilhoit  – Florida CD22 – Website Creator/Patriot of Conservatism



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