Rep Allen West “I will not stop reminding Americans who this President is”

(WASHINGTON)— Congressman Allen West (R-FL) released this statement today:

“Three years ago today, President Barack Obama introduced a plan he promised would ‘create jobs that will jump-start our economy and transform it for the 21st century.’ 

Three years later, it is clear the stimulus was a complete failure.  The President took $800 billion dollars from hardworking taxpayers and wasted it on failed programs, special interests giveaways, and backwards economic policies driven by ideology rather than the economic reality confronting millions of Americans.

Instead of keeping the unemployment rate below eight percent and creating a vibrant economic recovery, the stimulus has made matters worse.

These are the inescapable facts: 13 million Americans are unemployed –up 1.1 million since Obama’s inauguration; gas prices are averaging close to $4 per gallon in some places, having more than doubled in three years; the average American has close to $50, 000 in personal debt, up more than $13,000 since 2009; the national debt is at $15.2 trillion, up 43 percent since 2009; more than 46 million people are on food stamps, up 45 percent since 2009;  and home values are down 13 percent.

What’s even more reprehensible is the President offered his budget this week asking for another $3.8 trillion dollars from hardworking taxpayers, and from our children and grandchildren who have yet to be born. This budget proves the President continues to focus on growing government and spending more of our money.

These policies are wrong and I will not stop reminding the American people that President Obama’s policies are destroying the country I spent 22 years defending, including fighting in two wars, as a United States Army Officer. My country means too much to me to remain quiet.” 


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