Rep. Allen West takes third place at DC’s funniest – by Kerry Picket

Rep. West takes third place at DC’s funniest; jokes about shots taken at him from CBC members (Washington Times)

By Kerry Picket  for the Washington Times

Congressman Allen West, Florida Republican, was the only lawmaker to walk away with a prize at the annual D.C.’s  Funniest Celebrity contest on Wednesday night. The conservative Republican won third runner up by telling jokes about life in Washington as a black conservative on Capitol Hill.

Rep. West’s set included jokes about how he was welcomed, so to speak, as the only Republican in the Congressional Black Caucus. He started off on a story about Congressman John Lewis, Georgia Democrat:

“The first thing I got sworn into was the Congressional Black Caucus. Now you talk about being fun–being the only black Republican in the Congressional Black Caucus, but I did kind of get a warm welcome. John Lewis…John Lewis from Atlanta, Georgia–same neighborhood that I grew up in down there…great time. And so I’m walking up behind John Lewis and he really let me feel like this is a family man, because I kept hearing him talk about some guy named Uncle Tom.”

Congressman West did not stop there. Rep. Maxine Waters, California Democrat, was also on his hit list of jokes about CBC members.

“There was Maxine Waters and I thought, “Man, Maxine Waters must really have a sweet tooth because she kept talking about Oreos. and Double Stuffs at that.”

“So I figured this was gonna be nice. I’ve got a family oriented guy here with John Lewis. I got someone who likes Oreo Cookies with Maxine Waters, but I’ll tell you what, it’s been a good experience being there with the Congressional Black Caucus.”

Ultimately, Jamie Weinstein of the Daily Caller took first prize at the WMAL sponsored event at DC’s Improv, while former GOP candidate for Maryland Governor Brian Murphy won second runner up.

The entire story can be accesed by clicking here.

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