Rep. Jason Chaffetz ‘Congress needs to look over Robert Mueller’s shoulder’ [Video]

Rep. Jason Chaffetz may not be the only one thinking that Special Counsel Robert Mueller may need some oversight in his investigation of the Russian “collusion” investigation. It is very concerning that Mr. Mueller has a special connection with former FBI Director James Comey. Then you add to that that all of the staff that he has hired are all left-leaning Democrat contributors. This is a hit squad in the making. As Mr. Chaffetz says, the Special Counsel needs oversight. Do you agree? 


As Written By Mandy Mayfield for The Washington Examiner:

Rep. Jason Chaffetz said on Sunday Congress needs to be a watchdog over Robert Mueller as he conducts the special investigation into the Russian probe.

“Just because you are a special counsel doesn’t mean you go unimpeded.There needs to be someone looking over the shoulder of the special prosecutor as well.” Chaffetz told Maroia Baritiromo on “Sunday Morning Futures.”

Mueller was appointed special counsel following Trump’s decision to fire former FBI Director James Comey last month.


Jason Chaffetz: Congress needs to look over Robert Mueller’s shoulder

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