Rep. Lacy Clay Filing Federal Lawsuit to put Cop’s as Pigs Painting Back Up

House Rep. Lacy Clay, from St. Louis, thinks that a painting by student David Pulphus is entirely appropriate to display in the House of Representatives.  Clay represents Ferguson, MO, the scene of the police shooting of Michael Brown. This artwork by a high school student won an annual art competition. He feels so strongly about it that he is filing a lawsuit against the Architect of the Capitol. Did I mention that the painting depicts policemen as pigs with guns pointed at protestors? Is this really a first amendment issue, or is the some political posturing by Rep Clay?

As Written By John Sexton for Hot Air:

Remember that painting of protesters in St. Louis who have cops, depicted as pigs, pointing guns at them? The disagreement over the painting seemed to come to an end last month when the Architect of the Capitol concluded it violated rules for art hanging in the U.S. Capitol. Today the Hill reports that Rep. Lacy Clay will file a federal lawsuit against the Architect of the Capitol seeking to have it restored:

Clay will argue that the painting’s removal, which followed outcry from House Republicans and police advocacy groups, violated his constituent’s First Amendment rights to free expression.

The painting by student David Pulphus showed a confrontation between black protesters and police officers with guns drawn, depicted as feral pigs.

The painting was hanging in a hallway near the U.S. Capitol until early January when GOP Rep. Duncan Hunter took it down and returned it to Rep. Clay’s office. Rep. Clay returned it to the wall several times, even as police organizations around the country wrote letters protesting the painting. Eventually the Architect of the Capitol stepped in, noting that …..


Rep. Clay filing lawsuit to restore cops as pigs painting in the Capitol « Hot Air

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