Rep Schiff Didn’t Get The Updated Russian Dossier Memo

California Democrat Representative Adam Schiff is still holding onto theTrump-Russian collusion story like it was the Holy Grail. Doggedly, he is using it and the dossier at every opportunity to cast aspersions upon President Donald Trump. That was apparent from his recent questioning of Carter page in a closed-door hearing of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

Mr. Schiff is also trying to tie Carter Paige, a Trump policy adviser, into a bunch of shady operations. Based on what is known about Mr. page’s position in the Trump camp, he gives Carter a lot more importance than he actually had.

As Written By Rowan Scarborough for The Washington Times:

Rep. Adam B. Schiff, who is leading House Democrats’ inquisition into Trump-Russia collusion, has not given up on proving that his party’s financed, Kremlin-sourced dossier is true.

The Californian pressed his case again this month during a long closed hearing with former Trump campaign volunteer Carter Page to try to revive what had become dormant charges of criminal conduct.

Mr. Schiff, who on Wednesday labeled President Trump “the worst president in modern history,” previously said that one of his main objectives for the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence investigation is to find which dossier parts are true.

In the investigation into Russian interference in the presidential election last year, Mr. Schiff and his Democratic colleagues since January have been more than willing to cite the dossier’s paid unidentified Kremlin sources to attack the Trump administration.

Dossier writer Christopher Steele has singled out four Trump campaign figures by name. He is a former British spy hired by Fusion GPS with money from the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign. He in turn handed out the money to unidentified Kremlin figures to collect dirt on …..


Adam Schiff persists with Russia dossier investigation – Washington Times

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