Rep. Steve King’s Eye-Opening Take On China and the 1500 Person Caravan Headed for the US Border

I get that America has been thought of as a “melting pot” when it comes to but I feel it’s always meant to those who do it right, you know? Now what we seem to have is this idea that every dollar and every resource we have is meant to be spent on those who simply are not here legally.

And why? Well, let’s just say I don’t totally believe the “we’re all human” argument spewed by those on that hard-left… no. For politicians, it’s about the almighty VOTE, keeping themselves in power, keeping themselves swimming in money by potentially unsavory means.

And so now we enter the real point of this story… with your government “borrowing” money from China, and why? To fly illegal aliens here to the United States.

As Written and Reported By Robert Kraychik for Breitbart: 

“We are essentially borrowing money from China to buy plane tickets to fly these illegal aliens who are sneaking into America,” said Rep. Steve King (R-IA) during a Friday interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight with host Rebecca Mansour and guest host Frances Martel.

King described how those in the 1,500 caravan traveling from Central America to the U.S. via Mexico are challenging American sovereignty and exploiting humanitarian refugee laws.

King said, “When we’re in a situation where you have an invading army — mostly unarmed — but an invading army of 1,500 that starts off 1,500 miles away and says, ‘We are marching to America. We’re going to sneak into the country. We’re going to storm her borders, and once we set foot on U.S. soil, they have to treat us as asylees.’ And they’ve all been trained to say all the right words: ‘I fear going back to my home country because I have a credible fear that I’ll be killed if I go back home.’…..


EXCLUSIVE — Steve King: We Are ‘Borrowing Money from China to Buy Plane Tickets to Fly These Illegal Aliens’ Across America



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