REPORT: Russia and China have hacked Snowden’s files, Exposing ….

By Greg Richter, Newsmax

Russia and China have been able to access the top-secret documents stolen by Edward Snowden, and Britain has been forced to pull back some of its spies to prevent them from being exposed or even killed.

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The reports first appeared in the Sunday Times, which quoted anonymous senior officials in No 10, the Home Office and security services.


The BBC also quoted an anonymous senior government source, who said agents had to be moved because Moscow gained access to classified information that reveals how they operate.

Downing Street and the Home Office are being challenged to answer in public claims that Russia and China have broken into the secret cache of Edward Snowden files and that British agents have had to be withdrawn from live operations as a consequence.

The White House said it had no comment on the UK government claims.


UK under pressure to respond to latest Edward Snowden claims | US news | The Guardian


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