Report: Steve Bannon’s Dirty Deeds When Trump Was A Candidate

Being critical of Donald Trump seems to have been a past time for Steve Bannon. The comments attributed to him in the book Fire and Fury are not the first time he has been critical of The Donald. This article digs up the opposition to Trump generated by Bannon back during the early stages of the 2016 Presidental campaign. 

Peter Schweizer and Mr. Bannon co-founded the Government Accountability Institute and were in opposition to Donald Trump in the Presidential primaries. They wrote an article about Mr. Trump’s business dealings. The article that they wrote tied Mr. Trump to just about every nefarious group that you could possibly think of. The interesting part is that after this, they all worked together, anyway. Just how has that worked out?

As Written and Reported By Cathy Burke for Newsmax:

A conservative watchdog group led by Stephen Bannon reportedly tried to discredit President Donald Trump early in the GOP presidential primary process with opposition research alleging he had mob ties.

The document — first reported by the New York Times — was written by Peter Schweizer for the Government Accountability Institute, which he cofounded with Bannon in 2012 — and described years of alleged business connections between Trump companies and organized crime figures, CNN reported.

The GAI is backed by the Mercer family, one of the largest benefactors for Trump’s campaign, with Rebekah Mercer, daughter of hedge fund billionaire Robert Mercer, listed as chairwoman on its website.The family was backing Texas Sen. Ted Cruz at the time the opposition research document was written.

In February 2016, Cruz suggested Trump might not have released his taxes to hide mafia connections, citing “multiple media reports.”

CNN reported, citing an unnamed source, that GAI conducted research on all Republican and Democratic candidates running in the 2016 election…..


Report: Bannon Group Tried to Discredit Trump During Campaign

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