Report: ‘There Is One Trump Adviser That May Outlast Just About Everyone’

There is one Trump adviser that may have the staying power of the Energizer Bunny. Despite the turnover that is normal in a Presidental staff, this one may keep going and going and going. His name is Stephen Miller and he came to the President from Jeff Session’s staff.

Why does Mr. Miller have great staying power and what is his claim to having the President appreciate him so much? It has a lot to do with Mr. Miller and the Make America Great Again platform. Miller is strongly behind the agenda that the President wants. That makes for great job security.

As Written and Reported By John Binder for Breitbart: 

President Trump’s senior policy adviser and pro-American immigration reformer Stephen Miller “may outlast almost everyone” in the White House, according to an Axios report.

Axios’s Mike Allen detailed in a new report Miller’s influence in the White House for the new year, calling the former Jeff Sessions aide a “rising White House power” and “true-believer” in the populist-nationalist agenda who “trumps Trump on hardline immigration views.”

According to Axios, Miller is the most likely Trump adviser who will remain with the President until the day he leaves office, provoking a sigh of relief from pro-American immigration reformers who want to see national immigration policy crafted in the interests of Americans, rather than foreign nationals.

Miller, Axios reports, believes in Trump’s “America First” rhetoric on immigration and trade more than anyone in the White House and noted that his focus for 2018 will be much like his focus in 2017: Reducing immigration to benefit Americans and leveling trade policy to protect American companies and their workers.

This year, Miller — along with fellow Trump loyalists in the White House — has been crucial in galvanizing public support around ending the legal immigration process known as “chain migration,” whereby newly naturalized immigrants are allowed to bring an ……..


Report: ‘Rising White House Power’ Stephen Miller ‘May Outlast Almost Everyone’ in Trump Administration – Breitbart

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