Reporter Asks Antifa Why They’re Protesting, The Answers Are Unbelievable [Video]

In this marvelous video, you will see Man-On-The-Street interviews with members of Antifa as they were demonstrating in Laguna Beach, California. You will immediately appreciate how they handle the difficult questions that were given them (NOT). They were asked to explain what they were protesting. The responses were revealing. When that question was settled they were asked to define the racism that they had seen and what a Nazi was. The intelligence level was astonishing! (Right!). Watch if you dare.

As Written By AMANDA PRESTIGIACOMO For the Daily Wire:

On Sunday, Antifa members took to the streets of Laguna Beach, California, to presumably protest President Donald Trump and the so-called “alt-right” in response to the Charlottesville rally-turned-fatal riot last weekend. But, when reporter Austen “Fleccas” Fletcher hit the scene to let the protesters speak for themselves, most of the protesters were clueless as to what exactly the “alt-right” even was and, unsurprisingly, they advocated for violence, including the assertion that “neo-Nazis” must be murdered.

In other words, these millennials weren’t the brave WWII Allies storming the beaches of Normandy that the mainstream media told us they were; instead, they were proven to be violent pro-communist thugs unclear as to what exactly they were fighting against.


WATCH: Reporter Asks Antifa Why They’re Protesting. They’re Just As Clueless And Violent As You’d Expect. | Daily Wire

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