Republican Convention Faces Growing Violence Potential

The Republican Convention seems to be facing an unprecedented array of protesters whose stated goal is to shut down their convention. Promises of demonstrations and riots are the normal talking points for these “activists.” There is also a total lack of concern or condemnation of these threats and verbal attacks by the drive by media. In fact, the media seems to delight in the ability to cover such a disturbing chain of events. The activists, in a move to insure their dastardly success, are trying to sway/shame the City of Cleveland into keeping the police on a short leash and let the activists have a free run. This will not be a summer to remember for free speech, freedom of assembly, and the free political process. This summer will be brought to you courtesy of the intolerant progressive left.

Image John Baden/Wikimedia Commons

As Written By Matt Pearce Contact Reporter at The Los Angeles Times:

This summer’s Republican convention protests will be fueled by a volatile mix of forces.

This summer, parallel swarms of Republican supporters and left-wing activists will descend on downtown Cleveland for what could be the most turbulent presidential nominating convention since the 1960s.

Republican national conventions are often protested by activists in large numbers. But this year, the forces converging on the convention threaten to make for an explosive mix: a city scarred by controversial police shootings and simmering with racial tension; a candidate who has threatened that his supporters will riot if he comes with the most delegates but leaves without the nomination; and a police force with a reputation for brutality.

“I’m really concerned all hell is going to break loose,” said James L. Hardiman, a vice president of the Cleveland NAACP, who noted community members are expressing concerns about the convention “every other day.” “The big concern is injury to people, damage to property, indiscriminate arrest. The people who actually live here – what are we going to be left with at the end of the day?”

Donald Trump’s campaign rallies have become magnets for violence not normally seen at such events. Some protesters have gotten punched and kicked by Trump supporters, and others have fought with Trump supporters outside rallies.


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