Republicans Telling on WH Advisor For Being The Thorn In Their Immigration Deal Sides

President Donald Trump’s aide, Stephen Miller, is the President’s right-hand-man on the immigration issues. This seems to be a real problem for some Republicans. To hear them talk, Miller is making any immigration deal impossible. Some even claim that Mr. Miller does not want a deal. Here are the reasons that none of this is true.

As Written and Reported by Anita Kumar for the News & Observer:

Here’s one thing even Republicans negotiating an immigration deal agree on: Trump aide Stephen Miller is hurting their chances of getting anything done.

They blame him for insisting the administration gets approval for an unrealistic number of immigration policies in exchange for protections for young people brought into the country illegally as children. They loathe his intensity when delivering his hardline views. And they accuse him of coordinating with outside advocacy groups that oppose their efforts.

“It’s no secret that he’s an obstacle to getting anything done on immigration,” said a Republican House member involved in the immigration talks.

Many people involved in the immigration debate — Republicans and Democrats, Capitol Hill staffers and activists — complain that Miller is making already tough negotiations more difficult, according to 14 people familiar with the situation, half involved in negotiations. Most spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the president’s aide.

The House Republican lawmaker said it’s widely viewed that “to move past the speed bumps, there’s no option but to kind of get him out of the way.”

Yet Miller’s close relationship to the president, which spans the campaign and transition, means they are unlikely to do or say anything to get him out of the negotiations.

Major differences remain on immigration even after Trump and his top aides, including Miller, met with about two dozen members of Congress of both parties at the White House ……….


Republicans: Trump aide Stephen Miller is hurting immigration negotiations | News & Observer

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