Reuters Will Cover Reporting for Trump in This Manner

Maybe Reuters does not see it that way but classifying the President of the United States as the leader of an authoritarian government does not sit well with me. They must be afraid that they will have to actually use facts in reporting and not made up fake news when covering the President. They have a bad attitude and that will not work with Donald Trump.

As Written By SAAGAR ENJETI for Daily Caller:

Reuters Editor-in-Chief Steve Adler used examples of Reuter’s reporting in authoritarian regimes, to issue new guidance on the way his news organization would cover the Trump administration.

Reuters is a worldwide wire news service that operates in nearly 100 countries. Adler noted in his company-wide missive that covering the first 12 days of President Donald Trump’s administration has been “especially challenging for us in the news business.”

He raised President Donald Trump’s earlier comments that journalists are “among the most dishonest human beings on earth,” and White House Chief Strategist Stephen Bannon’s declaration that the media is the “opposition party” to the administration.

Adler said Reuter’s central mission would not change amid these circumstances because it already knows how to report in countries in “which the media is unwelcome and frequently under attack.” He highlighted the news organization’s “work in Turkey, the Philippines, Egypt, Iraq, Yemen, Thailand, China, Zimbabwe, and Russia,” all of which are…..


Reuters Will Cover Trump The Way It Does Authoritarian Govs | The Daily Caller

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