Rupert Murdoch And Fox Just Chose Sides

In a great acquisition, Rupert Murdoch, of FOX News, has made a brilliant move. He has acquired Laura Ingraham to be the host, weeknights at 10 PM. In the so-called GOP Civil War, this is definitely a move away from establishment Republicans. It is just as definite a move in the direction of Steve Bannon’s political position. How this will be seen by Donald Trump will depend a lot on how Laura Ingraham plays her position. 

As Written By Lucia Graves for The Guardian:

At the ‘Breitbart Embassy’ on Capitol Hill last week, Steve Bannon , the ex-Chief Strategist at the White House now back at the alt-right Breitbart news website, threw a book party for Laura Ingraham, the conservative talk radio star who is poised to ascend to one of the premier spots in American cable TV.

When she makes her Fox News debut on Monday evening, in primetime, the media and political establishment will be watching. And by hiring her, it seems, Rupert Murdoch’s network has picked a side in the Republican civil war.

Ingraham might as easily be considered an activist as an anchor. As the longtime conservative radio host Charlie Sykes put it to the Guardian: “She’s as hardcore a Trumpist as you’re going to find on the air.”

During the recent Republican Senate runoff in Alabama, Ingraham threw her support behind Roy Moore, the Bannon-backed insurgent, even as Donald Trumpbacked the establishment incumbent, Luther Strange. On her radio show before the vote, Ingraham asked Moore if he thought Trump had become disconnected from his core constituency.

“I think that he may be,” Moore replied. “And I think that he’s being badly advised out of the White House.”

Moore duly won……


‘Trump before Trump’: Laura Ingraham brings populist fire to Fox News lineup | Media | The Guardian

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