Rush Limbaugh Blasts Alt-Left and Their Court Judges

You never have to worry about what is on Rush Limbaugh’s mind. He is on the radio three hours a day and five days a week. If it is on his mind, it is on his lips. In this transcript. you can see that President Trump is surrounded by hostile liberals being aided and abetted by the mainstream media. The other key item is the Left’s overwhelming influence on the judiciary. Read on, please.

As Seen First on Rush Limbaugh’s Website:

RUSH: You know, I long for the days of Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln, just arrest the judges and put them in jail when they violate your constitutional authority. I don’t think people have any idea who Andrew Jackson was. They think he was a populist. They don’t know what he did. He went too far, don’t misunderstand. But this is simply outrageous.

Greetings, my friends, and welcome to the Rush Limbaugh program.

I have been trying all week to avoid leading with my anger over what all is happening here with the left and their essential takeover of the judiciary. Instead of just ripe anger, I have been trying to apply reason to this and inform and educate people on what is going on as best I can. But it ticks me off, folks. I can’t tell you how angry it makes me.

Judge Gorsuch, this whole business, there ought not even be a story of Gorsuch supposedly or didn’t supposedly say whatever, that he was disheartened and demoralized by what Trump said about the judges. That whole story bothers me, whether it’s partly true, totally true, it just bothers me. We need people with guts to take these people on. We do not need people that are gonna cower and kowtow, because this is the last chance we’re gonna have.

And something else bothers me today, and it has for the longest time, and I’ve addressed it on I don’t know how many occasions. The way I’ve put it on previous occasions is that Donald Trump is winging this all by himself. He’s got no support. Obama had the media helping him and every liberal think tank in the world and all kinds of public advocacy helping him and protest marchers, and Donald Trump has nothing. Every support group that Obama had is opposed to Trump.

The only thing Trump has is the people that voted for him. What if he changes his mind one day, what if he wakes up and says, “You know what, life isn’t worth this, screw it”? What if he decides, “I don’t care about this anymore”? I don’t think that’s gonna happen, but the point is, there needs to be some serious work making sure that what elected Trump is not just a one-time thing that only shows up every four years during presidential elections.

There’s a grassroots out there, there is a vast majority of Americans in the Electoral College election that overwhelmingly showed up for Donald Trump. And those people are desperate to still be involved and find a way to assist. They watch what’s happening in the news and they are livid, they are outraged.

I went out last night for the first time in a long time. It was a cigar dinner at a golf club near here. In fact, I met a couple of prominent Republicans in the Florida House. Jose Oliva, he’s a representative from North Miami. He’s gonna be speaker of the Florida House in a couple years, and the current speaker of the Florida House. Jose Oliva was the cigar company last night that provided the cigars.

There were about 250 or 300 people at this event, all professional people, all eminently successful, some retired, some still working. I don’t do these much anymore for a host of reasons, primarily because it’s just impossible for me to hear in rooms like that and to have conversations with people even at the dinner table, and so sometimes it’s more …..


Ticked Off by the Left’s Takeover of the Judiciary | Rush

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