Rush Limbaugh ‘The Media Did Not Make Trump, and They Can’t Destroy Him’ [VIDEO]

In a rare television appearance, Rush Limbaugh was on FOX News with Chris Wallace. In the interview, Rush explains why the media cannot destroy President Donald trump. He also discusses the difference in treatment between Obama and Trump. Do you think political correctness had much to do with it? Is the media’s anger caused by their inability to control and shape the Trump administration? See and hear what El Rushbo has to say. [Video]

As Written By Josh Feldman and seen first on Mediaite:

Rush Limbaugh weighed in on President Trump‘s tweet calling the media the “enemy” today, saying, “I think there’s something to it.”

As they were talking about Barack Obama‘s first few months compared to President Trump‘s, Limbaugh said on Fox News Sunday people didn’t want to get in the way of the first black president’s agenda because people didn’t want to be accused of racism.


Limbaugh: ‘The Media Did Not Make Donald Trump, and They Can’t Destroy Him’ | Mediaite



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