Rush Reveals the Real Russian Scandal

Radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh dedicated a large segment of his program to explaining the Susan Rice part in RussiaGate. When all this is over and said and done, it will not be President Donald Trump who will have a problem. The home for all of this dirt will be in the Obama administration, with Susan Rice being the centerpiece of the scam. There is a felony here just looking for a home.

As Written By James Barrett for the Daily Wire:

Rush  Limbaugh dedicated a large portion of his first hour on Monday to unpacking the “blockbuster scandal” blown open Monday morning by Bloomberg‘s Eli Lake. In a bombshell report, Lake revealed that Barack Obama’s national security adviser Susan Rice had repeatedly requested information regarding members of Donald Trump’s transition team in part to unmask their identities to people at the top of the Obama administration and outside of the intelligence community.

In addition to proving that Rice lied when she said last month that she knew “nothing” about any Trump associates having been caught up in incidental surveillance, Limbaugh stressed, it proved that “the real scandal here” is not Trump colluding with Russia, for which there still remains zero proof, but that the Obama administration “weaponized politically our intelligence agencies” against Trump.

Limbaugh began by launching into the report by Lake, the key information of which, the radio host noted, others, like The New York Times, knew days ago but sat on because it damaged their pro-Obama/anti-Trump narrative:

LIMBAUGH: We now know that what I suspected all along — and I’m not alone — that what was happening indeed did happen, that Russians were surveilled, and that they were talking to Americans. The transcript of the conversations was turned over to people in the Obama administration, such as Mike Flynn, and there are others. And now Susan Rice has been fingered as one of the sources who asked that these people be unmasked so that details of the conversations could be leaked. And they were leaked. But these people were not targets of the surveillance. They are never to be…..



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