Russia in START Arms Treaty Violation

The START treaty is for the assured destruction of nuclear equipped missile systems. The key word here is ‘assured.’ If one nation cannot be assured that destruction has taken place, then for all intents the missiles still exist somewhere. It appears fro m this report that Russia took something from the cookie jar and put it somewhere else. Russia apparently cannot be trusted. The Obama administration is obviously looked upon with disdain by the Putin administration. Why else would they do this. More details in the article.

Putin deploys missile cruiser syria turkey

As Written By Bill Gertz, Washington Free Beacon:

U.S. nuclear arms inspectors recently discovered that Russia is violating the New START arms treaty by improperly eliminating SS-25 mobile missiles, American defense officials said.

The violations were discovered during an on-site inspection carried out in Russia in April, said officials familiar with details of the inspection.

During the recent visit to a Russian missile base, U.S. technicians found critical components of SS-25s—road-mobile, intercontinental ballistic missiles—had been unbolted instead of cut to permanently disable the components.

Additionally, American inspectors were unable to verify missiles slated for elimination had been destroyed. Instead, only missile launch canisters were inspected.

As a result, inspectors were unable to determine if the missiles were properly eliminated as required by the 2010 arms treaty, the officials said.

Additionally, the inspectors found that Russian missile forces had improperly displayed missile …..

Full Story Here:

Russians Violating New START Arms Treaty – Washington Free Beacon

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