Russia, USA and ISIS: Who’s on First?

Abbott and Costello had a great baseball comedy routine call “Who’s on First?” When you try to unscramble what nation is backing what faction in Libya, you understand why the sell programs at ball games. You can’t tell the players without a program. The Middle East is exactly that for the majority of those who tune in the news. Now add to that confusion the fact that you are also reluctant to trust a liberal progressive administration to be making the best choices. Russia, on the other hand, seem to know exactly where it is going and how it is going to get there. Such absolute clarity is sorely missing in the United States of America. Read more below.


As Written By Nancy A. Youssef, The Daily Beast:

U.S.-backed rebels are cheek by jowl with al Qaeda—giving Russian jets an excuse to bomb the hell out of them.

In the last week, Russia has stepped up its attacks in northern and western Syria, and the U.S. has cried foul, claiming Russia is only pretending to target terrorists.

“Despite claims they are focusing on [al Qaeda in Syria] and [ISIS], Russia and [Syrian President Bashar al-] Assad have primarily targeted the moderate opposition,” a U.S. intelligence official explained to The Daily Beast. “Moscow’s offer of joint operations with the United States [against ISIS] was a blatant attempt to deflect attention from his targeting of moderate opposition, and sadly, innocent Syrians trying to survive the disaster Assad has created. By continuing to back Assad, it appears Moscow has squandered the opportunity presented by the cessation of hostilities to stabilize the situation in Syria.”

Russia has a completely different version of this story. The Kremlin says some of the U.S.-backed rebels not only work with al Qaeda but refuse to sever the relationship. Therefore, it is not Russia’s fault that U.S. allies are working so closely with a terror group and that Russia accidentally strikes U.S.-backed rebels in its the war against extremists in Syria……

Full Story Here:

Russia Pounds the Achilles’ Heel of America’s ISIS War – The Daily Beast

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