Russia Wasn’t The Only One Trying to Get Hillary’s Emails

We are now learning that the North Koreans also wanted to join in on the Hillary Clinton email hacking just like the Russians. They targeted Clinton campaign groups that were working on Asian policies for the Clinton crowd. This information just came to light and points to North Korea’s Reconnaissance Bureau as the culprits. The Democrats were obviously the easier target as no penetrations were made to the Republican servers.

As Written by Chuck Ross for the Daily Caller:

North Korean hackers attempted to infiltrate the Hillary Clinton campaign’s email systems, according to a report circulated within the campaign last year.

That’s according to an interesting report published by CyberScoop, a cybersecurity website.

According to CyberScoop, North Korea’s Reconnaissance General Bureau (RGB) attempted to break into Clinton campaign systems by targeting a group of outside advisers working on East Asia policy for the campaign.

Using an attack method known as spearphishing, which attempts to wrangle users’ passwords, the hackers were able to infiltrate the email accounts of outside Clinton campaign advisers who work for an unnamed Washington, D.C. think tank.

The goal of the hacking campaign was to obtain policy papers regarding the campaign’s stances towards North Korea, CyberScoop ……..


North Koreans Attempted To Hack Clinton Campa | The Daily Caller

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