Sanders Cast Blame of Wife’s FBI Investigation on WHO?

Senator Bernie Sanders was on CNN’s State of the Union show and in his interview was quick to point the finger at others for the FBI investigation into his wife. Jane Sanders is being investigated by the FBI after complaints about her dubious financial arrangements while she headed up Burlington College. The way she acquired over $10 Million in loans for a college expansion has caused a lot of questions to arise. It appears that as a result of the loans and the financial situation of the college, the college went under. All that has nothing to do with the investigation according to the Senator. It is all because the dastardly Republicans ratted her out. Really, Senator?

As Written, Reported by and seen first on Fox News:

Sen. Bernie Sanders pointed the finger squarely at Republicans for kicking up a federal probe into allegations his wife fraudulently obtained a loan for the Vermont college she once led, saying Sunday the Republican National Committee is “very excited” about the controversy.

The interview marked the 2016 presidential candidate’s latest effort to downplay the FBI investigation, which reportedly is looking at whether Jane Sanders committed fraud to get a $10 million loan for a Burlington College expansion.

Asked on CNN’s “State of the Union” about the case, Sen. Sanders quickly pointed out how the allegations first surfaced.

“I know this will shock the viewers — the vice-chairman of the Vermont Republican Party who happened to be Donald Trump’s campaign manager raised this issue and initiated this investigation,” he said. “… I think what you’re looking at is something that [the] Republican National Committee is very excited about.”

The Vermont independent senator adamantly denied that he or his staff ever reached out to the bank in question to approve any loans related to the …..


Sanders blames Republicans for FBI probe of wife | Fox News

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