Schumer Sets A New Low In ‘Historic’ Obstructionism

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has set new lows of obstructionism in the Senate. The venerable Senator has turned Senate procedures on its ear in keeping President Trump from having any of his nominees approved. The key tool that Slow-Mo Schumer is using is the cloture vote. This is a time-consuming procedure that ensures that there is not enough time in the week, the month, or the year to process Trump nominees. Is there anything that Mitch McConnell can do to fix this? Would McConnell fix it if he could?

As Written and Reported by Michelle Moons for Breitbart: 

Legislative Director Marc Short took the White House briefing podium on Friday to call out “historic obstruction” by Democrats for requiring 30 hours of debate over Trump administration nominees at a rate far beyond that which prior administrations faced.

Short repeatedly pointed to Democrat Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer for “…the historic obstruction that we have faced by Sen. [Chuck] Schumer and Senate Democrats in confirming our nominees to enable us to fill out our White House.”

“The Senate obviously has the constitutional responsibility for advice and consent,” said Short who then proceeded to describe “what that looks like in real life.”

After the President selects a nominee, that person goes through an FBI background check, “they work with the office of government ethics to deconflict financial issues,” and after this extensive process the nominee is submitted to the U.S. Senate.

There the individual goes through “several additional evaluations” including meetings with members and staff from both sides of the aisle. The nominee is then submitted to a committee hearing and vote, after which the nominee is submitted for a confirmation vote ……


White House: Chuck Schumer’s ‘Historic’ Obstruction Will Block Some Trump Admin Nominees for More than a Decade | Breitbart

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