SCOTUS has overturned a Judge Gorsuch ruling

During nomination hearings for Judge Neil Gorsuch to become a Supreme Court Justice, the SCOTUS handed down a ruling overturning a ruling by Judge Gorsuch. The Democrat opposition seized upon this with glee as a way to keep Gorsuch off the court. When asked about it during the hearings, the Judge was able to graciously explain why the ruling came down as it did. Read the judge’s explanation below.

As Written By Kevin Daley for the Daily Caller.

Senate Democrats put Judge Neil Gorsuch on the defensive during his third appearance before the Senate Committee on the Judiciary Wednesday, grilling him over one of his holdings that were reversed by the Supreme Court and for his alleged ties to “dark money.”

The exchanges marked the first time Democratic attacks on the judge seemed to gain traction since GOP aides rushed spin to reporters for the first time in the hearings. Despite this, there was a tangible sense inside the Capitol Hill committee room that the main work of the hearings had more or less concluded. Empty seats filled the press gallery, before a dais that was nearly vacant for most of the day.

In the early minutes of the hearing, the Supreme Court handed down a ruling which overturned one of Gorsuch’s own holdings. The case involved an autistic student seeking compensation for costs incurred pursuing private education. The student’s family argued they were owed compensation because a special education plan devised by the student’s public school was inadequate to meet his needs, forcing the family to…..


Gorsuch Overturned By SCOTUS In The Middle Of His Hearing | The Daily Caller



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