SCOTUS WARNING! Critical to the Republic!

SCOTUS, the Supreme Court of the United States could throw a big wrench in the immigration battle between the Executive and Legislative branches of our government.  In United States vs Texas, President Obama could begin ruling by executive memo. Yes, I said ruling. There will be no governance involved. Congress will have to dig deep to restore the balance of power if it is upset by a ruling in favor of Obama. The POTUS already decides which laws he wants to enforce. The Republic cannot withstand an Executive branch or Federal Government with too much power. Be warned that this SCOTUS ruling will be critical.


As Written By Jeffery Rodack, Newsmax:

As the battle over immigration rages on, Congress could soon find itself with little control over the bitterly contested issue, a top expert warns.

“For decades, the Supreme Court has held that authority over immigration is shared between the political branches — the legislative and the executive,”says Jon Feere, legal policy analyst at the Center for Immigration Studies, in an article for The Hill.

“But if the court sides with the Obama administration in United States v. Texas, that balance will forever be upset and Congress will find itself with little recourse.”

If President Obama wins in the case, Congress could for all practical purposes be left out in the cold regarding immigration, according to Feere’s column for The Hill.

“Now more than ever, Congress needs to be responsive to the people,” Feere writes. “But it cannot be if the Supreme Court largely strips Congress of its authority over immigration and empowers the executive branch to a greater extent than it already has.” ……..

Full Story Here:

Expert: SCOTUS Could Strip Congress of Control Over Immigration

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