Sebastian Gorka Speaks Brutal Inconvenient Truth To Liberals [Video]

All those sufferers of the Trump Derangement Syndrom need to cover their ears and not listen to Sebastion Gorka in this video. Mr. Gorka, as you remember, resigned (or let got) from his position in the Donald Trump White House. The media and the Democrats tried to get a lot of mileage out of this. They were looking forward to Mr. Gorka becoming a critical adversary of the president. Much to their chagrin, that has not happened. Instead, Sebastian has continually come out with good things to say about President Trump and the actions that he is taking. The latest inconvenient truth that the left does not want to hear is that the President only does things that are LEGAL. How cool is that? Eardrums were busting all over the Washington Beltway with that little gem. The term Honest Politician has been an Oxymoron for many decades in Washinton.

As Written By Jason Devaney for Newsmax:

The theme of President Donald Trump’s policies — including illegal immigration and the DACA program — is following the law, Dr. Sebastian Gorka told Newsmax TV.

During an appearance on “America Talks Live,” Gorka told host Miranda Khan that Trump is thinking about one thing.

“Very few people understand what undergoes the Trump administration’s and the Trump campaign’s polices, whether it’s on trade, immigration, ISIS, you name it,” said Gorka, who resigned last week as a deputy adviser to the president. “The thing that undergoes all of them is sovereignty and rule of law.

“The idea that there are people like me, who have to wait in line for several years to become legal immigrants to the United States, and there are some that simply can flout the laws and be given amnesty as they were under the last administration. That is wrong……..


Gorka: Trump Policies Aim to Follow the Law

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