SECDEF Mattis Weighs in on Iranian Protests

If SECDEF James Mattis says that something is important, you had better pay attention. If the General wants better support for the protestors in Iran, the Iranian regime needs to get nervous. Secretary of Defense General James Mattis when asked what keeps him awake at night responded: “Nothing. I keep others awake at night.” Some of those others have to be a part of the Iranian regime. The Trump administration is acting purely the opposite of what the Obama administration did during the last protests. There is vocal support coming from America.

As Written and Reported By Kristina Wong for Breitbart: 

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis recently spoke out in favor of the Iran protests, stating that the United States does not have any issues with the Iranian people, only with the regime.

“I think it’s very important that we stand up and say that we understand the Iranian people. Our beef, if we have one, is not with the Iranian people. It is specifically the same regime that the Iranian people, clearly, are fed up with as well,” Mattis told reporters Friday.

The Trump administration has broken from the previous administration’s stance that weighing in on protests would allow Iran’s leaders to paint them as a Western-led movement. President Barack Obama’s hands-off approach during the 2009 Green Revolution in Iran was widely criticized by Iran critics as a missed opportunity.

Trump has tweeted his support for the protesters, which have been primarily blue-collar workers frustrated with the regime’s spending on military engagements in Syria and Yemen and cutting subsidies for its citizens.

Protesters have been chanting “death to Rouhani,” referring to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, and “death to the dictator,” referring to Ayatollah Ali……..


Defense Secretary Jim Mattis: Very Important We Stand Up for the Iranian People


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