Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Is About To Be Replaced?

Mike Pompeo is currently the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. He was appointed to this position by President Donald Trump. Previously, Mr. Pompeo was the U.S. Representative for Kansas’s 4th congressional district from 2011–17. 

It may be that current Secretary of State Rex Tillerson does not have long at his position. You don’t get accused of calling the President a moron and expect to get away with it. You can see where this is going.

Mr. Pompeo has become a close cabinet member to the President. It may well be that he knows something that Tillerson does not. It is still bad form to campaign for the job of a fellow cabinet member out in the open like this. There is no knowing for sure, what the President is thinking. 

As Written By Mark Swanson for Newsmax:

CIA Director Mike Pompeo expects President Donald Trump to eventually offer him the Secretary of State role to replace Rex Tillerson, Politico reports.

And Pompeo, first rumored to make the switch last month, would accept.

Though tensions with Tillerson have cooled of late, Pompeo’s star is on the rise with Trump, who holds briefings with his CIA chief nearly every day, often inviting him to his next meeting, regardless of what it is, Politico reports.

Pompeo, Politico reports, has elevated to the same level as chief of staff John Kelly with the president.

“Like President Trump, Director Pompeo is clear-eyed and hard-nosed about the threats we face, and he speaks in the direct, blunt manner of a man who has no time to waste when confronting those threats,” Sen. Tom Cotton told Politico.

Cotton, it was reported last month, would replace Pompeo at the CIA if Trump made the move…..


Politico: CIA’s Pompeo Expects Trump to Make Him Secretary of State

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