SECURITY ALERT: Allen West “What I witnessed today at an Army Reserve Center was DEPLORABLE”

by Allen West 

I had a fantastic Friday evening down in Gladewater Texas with the East Texans for Liberty (ET4L) at St. Theresa’s Catholic Church. This morning I drove back up to Dallas for my special rendezvous at noon. I met U.S. Army 1SG David Beck of the Texas National Guard at the recent Boots n’ Shoots Veterans Charity event at the Dallas Shooting Club. At that event 1SG Beck gave me an invite to his unit’s next drill weekend — that was today. It was an enjoyable two hours with the men and women of the Texas 49th Division (National Guard) at the Army Reserve Center in Grand Prairie, just south of Dallas.

I was met by Captain Smith and 1SG Beck who are the command team for Delta Company (MI), 156th Brigade Engineer Battalion (BEB), 56th Infantry Brigade Combat Team (IBCT). The 56th IBCT is commanded by COL David Webb (no, not the Fox News contributor and Sirius/XM radio host). The 156th BEB command team is LTC Robert Crockem and CSM Robert Nieto. I was able to me this entire command team and speak to them about personnel and training issues — and they are doing excellently in their manning numbers. The 156th BEB will soon be conducting a deployment exercise to Ft. Hood and to the National Training Center.

It was chow time so I got to walk around and speak to the Soldiers. I chatted with one section from Delta Company and asked how many had been deployed — one raised his hand. Then I asked the group of Soldiers who was looking forward to being deployed — they all raised their hands. This is what makes our men and women the best our nation has to offer — their commitment to serve and sacrifice. This is why when I hear pundits pontificate about “America is war weary” I want to tell them to shut up. Americans are weary of the mall and reality TV. Our warriors, like this Military Intelligence Soldiers want one thing, which they confided in me — to use their talents and training to find the enemy and smoke ‘em.

It was nice spending those two hours with Soldiers, brought back fond memories as I drove away — and therein lies my real concern for these warriors who were fulfilling their commitment to our nation this weekend.

Just this week, ISIS conducted several suicide bomber attacks, one in Jalalabad Afghanistan — but more disconcerting was the attack at the U.S. Consulate in Irbil, Kurdistan. This past week in Ohio a man was arrested and charged as he had been in Syria training with ISIS and returned to the U.S. committed to killing our men and women in uniform. ISIS has released a list of our men and women for targeting — we wrote about that earlier this week, and the USNORTHCOM response to that threat.

And so it was when I drove onto the Army Reserve Center at Grand Prairie for a visit yesterday, I was met by a lone unarmed female contract security person who did not even take my ID and match it to my face. She came out of the shack and waved me right onto this military installation.


SECURITY ALERT: What I witnessed today at an Army Reserve Center was deplorable. – Allen B. West –

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