Senator Cruz Tells the True Story of Flynn Hit job

Senator Ted Cruz is exactly right when he says that Michael Flynn was the victim of a hit job. President Trump’s short-lived national Security Advisor was taken out by the team of Obama Admin and the mainstream media. The Admin provided the weapons and the media wielded the hatchet. This was real hacking as compared to the fake news of Russia hacking the election.

As Written By Adam Kredo for the Free Beacon:

The firing of former Trump administration national security adviser Michael Flynn was a politically motivated hit job orchestrated by opponents of the president still in the administration and their media allies, according to Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Tx.), who told a small gathering of reporters on Thursday that highly classified information was “weaponized to advance a political agenda.”

Cruz, speaking on the sidelines of the Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC, made reference to a Washington Free Beaconreport last week disclosing how former Obama administration holdovers and loyalists spread classified information to their allies in the media as part of an effort to handicap the Trump administration’s national security apparatus.

These leaks, Cruz said, constitute a “federal crime” and should worry all American citizens about the status of America’s intelligence community, which has been accused of leaking information to undermine Trump.

Flynn’s phone calls with Russian officials, which took place before he officially entered the White House, do not appear to violate any law. Yet the release of classified information about them…


Cruz: Flynn Firing Was Obama Admin, Media Orchestrated Hit Job

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