Senator John McCain Slams New VA Bill

Senator John McCain, Republican from Arizona, has issues with the current VA bill. He is correct in his opposition to the bill. It started out as a good bill, but the accountability aspects have been opposed by the unions. It seems that many in the Senate, bend to the will of the Union Masters. It is shameful that no meaningful legislation can get out of Congress anymore.


As Written By SARAH WESTWOOD at the Washington Examiner:

McCain slams upcoming veterans affairs bill

Sen. John McCain said Friday that upcoming omnibus legislation meant to help veterans is “very, very bad” because it does not address longstanding problems within the Department of Veterans Affairs.

“All I can say is, I’m deeply concerned about the legislation that is now being formed,” McCain said in an interview with a local radio station in Phoenix.

The Arizona senator criticized provisions in the bill aimed at increasing accountability within the scandal-plagued agency, arguing that part of the legislation lacks teeth.

House Veterans Affairs Committee staff have begun raising concerns about the legislation before it has even been introduced in the Senate.

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